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The LOKA SAPIENS behind Creative Corner:

What do We offer?


You can find art by established and up-and-coming Brazilians Artists and International Artists at our Gallery. The Loka  Sapiens as a brand driven by dreams, you can purchase original art online from world-renewed contemporary, pop and various artists. As the successor of modern art, the contemporary genre includes art produced today and dates back to a single, iconic movement: Pop Art. While Pop Art began in the 1950s and was popularized in the 1960s, several iconic artists today continue to keep it alive through their exciting and widely beloved works.

We aim to provide a more personal and bespoke service and only specialize in original paintings, limited edition lithographs, screenprints , etchings and sculptures in the Contemporary and Pop Art genres

Many years in the art industry has helped to shape our philosophy and business ethos whereby we try to treat people in the way that we would like to be treated ourselves. We therefore aim to offer private and corporate clients the finest quality artwork and advice, thereby looking to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Everything that we showcase in the gallery we actually own as this gives us much more control over the quality, care and pricing of these pieces. 

The Loka Sapiens Group operates at the forefront of modern, vibrant culture with an ethos of commitment to our community of artists, curator, and supporters. Held to the highest standards of curatorial excellence, we strive to create unforgettable exhibitions, events, and experiences designed to inspire and transform “Art is coming face to face with yourself.”

We also offer additional services such as: ​

  • Visual Art 

  • Painting

  • Drawing 

  • Sculpture

  • Books Illustrations

  • Fashion Illustrations

  • Fashion Photographers/Commercial

• Picture Rail Hanging solutions 

• The sourcing of specific pieces of art on behalf of our clientele 

• Fine artwork placement and selection consultancy

• Art exhibitions both at our gallery and offsite

• Art talks and presentations

• Comprehensive art planning

At Pop and Contemporary Fine Art we believe in trying to give back to the community, therefore we actively seek to hold an annual non-profit art exhibition, if possible, at a public venue. We feel that by hosting free exhibitions by top tier artists we can increase Brazilian’s exposure to the arts and by doing so try to improve the cultural fabric of Brazil in our own small way. 


Should you require any further assistance or information or wish to explore potential partnerships then please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you in the near future.

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 Companies that wants to hiring professionals please drop a line. + If you're talented and looking to sale your idea, art etc
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