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What does 'loka' mean?

L- for Liaison,Communication and Operation,person who Acts as Link or Go Between

O -for Office

K- for Key

A- for  Alliance ,Union or Association formed for mutual Benifit.

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“I always say I hope to God I die in a town with a good tailor, a good shoemaker, and perhaps someone who’s interested in a little quelque chose d’autre.”

The Loka fashion Office is currently the largest fashion distribution and press office for international brands in Tokyo.

Currently representing more than 40 leading fashion brands from around the world,Loka is the most well-distributed agency operating in mainland Tokyo.With 100 effective buyers ranging from regional distributors,retail property developers,to multi-label stores and leading online shops, the Loka offers the most professional platform for top fashion and accessories brands to meet distribution channels in a greater metropolis as well as the rest of Asia.Loka has the expertise to pick out what is trending at the top international fashion retailers,and is the first to introduce them to its markets.Loka operates a permanent showroom with full time sales team.where buyers from all over japan and Asia/World can access the latest collection effortlessly and order throughout the year.Loka's experience with Asian markets also gives it the best knowledge regarding buyer tastes and requests. As a retailer it is impossible to cover all of the existing markets,showrooms,and new resources while spending time reviewing lines and writing orders. The Loka International Office continually acts as their eyes and ears in the worldwide marketplace.We assist independent and up-and-coming labels . Our buyers trust our recommendations and all-in-one service.We help clients place orders and do the buying on their behalf,orders from start to delivery,handle all communication with brands,all correspondence and logistics in bringing the parties together to building a strong partnership.We offer consultancy and brand acquisition services for our clients to acquire the brands that best suit their markets.


We pride ourselves on being there first - first to discover the new designer or trend,and then the first to bring it to our clients.