The fashion market in japan / tokyo is one of the most heated and one of the fastest growing today, and it already represents one of the most important points of the country's economy. Therefore, it is natural to assume that for those who want to earn money, a good opportunity is in the resale of famous brand clothing, as this can guarantee good sales and good profits for both sides of a partnership. And in this regard, brands nowadays present themselves as being really good and profitable for the tokyo and international market, fashion street / high end fashion, which is one of the most famous today in the fashion scene, reaching both the female and the public. to the male audience.

Originally, we worked and represented creations that were more basic, being focused on everyday life, but over time, they ended up reaching a higher level of excellence, becoming more stylish pieces. As a result, THe LOKA has consolidated itself with small and large brands aimed at those looking for style and modern design, which is guaranteed by the brand creation team that our office partners with, which is made up of designers looking to make a true style brand. The result was reflected in sales, and THE LOKA is currently a source for the brands that want to enter the most successful international or national market in the entire Asian market - Tokyo, being known in virtually every corner of Japan. With this, our office has reached a status of fashion and style brand, appearing in the main events of the so-called fashion world, such as the parades of the most important fashion weeks in japan. Always bringing news to the world showcase. Our office operates with direct sales and sales in dropping shipping through representations via online. For those who want to start a resale of their clothing brand or affiliate with our company, the number of advantages offered by THE LOKA is immense, since it is a representation office and consultancy in consolidated fashion within the national market. and international.

AGENCY + SHOWROOM SERVICE Media relations, social media and visually compelling creative services tell a more complete story that inspires audiences and builds value for your brand. Your business is being influenced by conversations happening every day – with or without your participation through influencers in the industry.

THE LOKA maintains a staff of full-time/Freelancers inside the fashion industry. The markets are divided categorically for department stores, and geographically for specialty boutiques across the country and overseas events,trade fairs,remote designers or experts professionals that gets the work done globally.