Since our inception, 

LOKA FASHION & PRESS has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality search

 The Loka Fashion Office is a Fashion Agency & Fashion distributor. We’re currently representing more than 40 leading fashion brands worldwide. Loka Fashion is the most well-distributed agency operating in Tokyo with 100 effective buyers ranging from regional distributors, retail property developers to multi-label stores.

   Loka Fashion offers the most innovative and creative platform for top Fashion Designers and brands around the world to meet distribution channels in Tokyo and around Asia and also in America. If you’re a Designer considering to convey your product and vision to the Japanese Market you can contact us or a Japanese Designer looking to distribute your brand to the west you can contact us here.

Here at Loka we will take you by the hand into the world  of creativity and provide you with all your fashion needs. We support your media activities with our services of Press Release and press conferences. We also operate from store openings to large fashion events and advertising campaigns. Loka Fashion also provide a variety of services including Digital Marketing & eCommerce Development, Design & Development, Event Production and much more, you can check our services here.

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